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Our Quality

With us, be it a product or service – our system, people and process-everything focuses on 100% quality for every product and for every customer.

Product Inspection

Pre Production meeting with factory

Indian Link project management team plays a critical role in following up on production and sourcing orders.

Intro Stage Inspection

We have a dedicated separate quality team who takes care of quality checks of the production and delivery

Production Monitoring

The team constantly touch base with partners and ensure smooth completion of assignment.

During Production Inspection

Besides follow up, our team conducts surprise checks to vendor locations to understand the ground status.

Final Random Inspection: FRI

We undertake checks at the production line, warehouse and also during dispatch to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Containerisation Check

Besides taking care of the complete documentation work, we offer freight cost which is the cheapest.

During a manufacturing factory audit, the auditors determine if a supplier is capable of producing a product, that meets your company’s specifications, addressing costly disruptions, and preventing (further) costly disruptions once production is launched. Factory audits are one of the best ways to get a full picture of your supplier’s sourcing and operational policies, and ensure that they align with your company’s brand image. The type(s) of audit that’s best for your company depends on the type of product or service you provide. In this article, we’ll cover the 6 most common types of audits and their benefits, so you can determine the most suitable factory audit for your organization.

  • Quality System: Quality policy / Purchase of raw material / Control of Non conforming products and their disposal. All records would be seen.
  • Factory premises and Factory boundary wall and its height and strength of the structure.
  • Machine list and the capacity of each machine with running schedule. All records would be checked
  • List of Products in Pipeline and Production. A complete record of shipped and still to be checked.

Ethical audits help to ensure social accountability is being reviewed. With increasing pressure for all companies to be socially accountable – to provide healthy, safe, and ethical work environments along with sound labor practices and pay – an ethical audit ensures the appropriate work conditions are being followed. The criteria used for ethical factory audits can be both client-specific and based on several different international standards.
This is done to inform the Buyer where the Vendor stands out on:

    • Employment of Child / Prison / Forced Labor. Also does not Detains the Employees after working Hours without Employee’s Consent / or gives Employee Corporal / Financial Punishment.
    • Vendor is not biased on the basis of Caste / Creed / Sex / Religion gives fair chance to all Employees.
    • Vendor gives Fair Salary that is at Par /More than Local Laws of the State.
    • Also Vendor pays the Salary for the Overtime as per Local Law.
    • Safety Measures for Employees working on Machines
    • The factory staff hiring processes and is factory HR looking and verifying the past records.
    • Place for Container and container security and verification of the container driver.
    • Packed carton ready to ship area ad factory staff responsible
    • Factory staff responsible for handling and controlling container seals.

Indian Link Inspection is a quality service providing company and recommends for a Lab testing for the product imported from India to the Buyers. To ensure the product is compliant of International and their own country of Import laws and matches the standards of the Industry.

Assured Time: Our ultimate goal is to ensure shorter lead time. We help customers to get their products on the market as soon as possible. *

Some Test we recommend:

Food Products – Lead and leachable lead, cadmium.

Related test for Mercury.

If there any coating like Mother of Pearl on the Aluminium etc – Heat resistance and cross cut adhesion test

Furniture, Decoratives with Lacquer or any other coating – Lead in surface coating,

Other Test we strongly recommend are CPSIA / Reach /RoHS

Package test :Transit testing, Vibration Test/ Carton corners Burst Strength / Drop Test.

For Textiles:

Color crocking – wet and dry.

For curtains effect of sunlight / wash cycles

Flame retardant etc are some of the Test.

Guidance for External Audit

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Buddhi Vihar Phase 2 Delhi Road Moradabad - 244001, UP, India



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    Budhi Vihar Phase 2 Delhi Road Moradabad - 244001, UP, India



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